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Looking for sustainability ideas to start living a more conscious life taking into account your environmental impact? Don’t know what to begin with? No fears, my friend! The most important thing is to make small steps in your green living journey. Remember that it’s not about perfectionism, it’s about finding your own way to leave an eco-friendly life.

When I started my “green journey”, I immediately decided to get rid of all the plastics I had, stop eating dairy products for good (by that time, I already gave up eating meat), refrain from buying things, use only organic cosmetics and switch to eco-friendly brands. As you may guess, it didn’t last for a long time and I strongly believe that’s not the right approach.

You can’t change the way you were living for 20, 30, 50 years overnight. But if a thought of living a greener life crossed your mind, you are already on the right track. 

So, without taking any more of your time, let’s jump straight into green living tips that may change your life today!

#1 Get yourself a reusable bag

You don’t necessarily need to purchase a fashionable one. I got mine on one of the conferences and haven’t used it for years until I realized how convenient and eco-friendly that might be. I honestly got tired of collecting all those plastic packages into one plastic package. Now I have just one bag I use and I love it. And that also brings us to my next tip.

#2 Buy products with less packaging

Or find some alternatives to plastic food packaging… Some time ago, I used one or two plastic packages to wrap my food, clothes etc. just to end up having a pile of unnecessary plastics in my house. I know that nowadays almost everything comes in a plastic packaging. But whenever you can avoid using it, do it. I don’t use any packaging for my veggies. I try to put my cereals into my own jars. I don’t take any packaging when I get my clothes. And that made my life easier.

#3 Walk more

I am lucky to live in 10-minute walk to my workplace so I can avoid using a car to get there. But even if you live far away from your office and definitely need a car, you can try other ways, such a using a bicycle. If that’s not an option, just walk more on weekends or take walks to the shop. That’s one of the easy sustainability ideas, which can not only help the environment but also improve your health and overall quality of living. 

#4 Switch to eco-friendly products instead of paper options 

I hate to tell you this but getting an online version of the book instead of a paper one will benefit the environment in the long run. That is the same for taking electronic notes. You can use less paper in the following instances: stop using paper towels, paper plates and kitchenware in favor of more eco-friendly options.

#5 Get a reusable coffee mug / water bottle 

Wherever I go, I take my own bottle of water with me. I know that I drink water a lot, so having my own bottle that I can refill when I need, stops me from buying another plastic bottle. The same with coffee. You can purchase your own beautiful cup that will serve you for a long time and carry it with you during the day.

#6 Buy less 

Whenever you see some cool product you want to buy, make a conscious decision on why you need it. Is it an impulse purchase you are trying to make to reward yourself? Are you sad about something and think that a pair of new shoes will make you feel better? Or do you really need that thing? If yes, then leave it in the shop for a day or two, when you really need something, you will come back to get that stuff. Otherwise, you’ll just avoid having another useless thing in your house. Each time you go for a shopping, write a shopping list beforehand, so that you don’t end up spending more.

#7 Use recyclable products 

A great sustainability idea would be to start using more eco-friendly products such as cotton pads for removing your make-up, silicone food bags for food, or bamboo toothbrushes. Another point is to make your own DIY products. You’ll be surprised how many things you can do using what you already have at home. That will also boost your creativity. Grab some inspiration here

#8 Reconsider your washing habits 

Do you really need that amount of water to clean up your dishes or brush your teeth? How much time do you spend in shower? Such simple things as turning off the water when you brush your teeth or take quicker showers will reduce your bills and help the environment.  

That’s not all the tips, my friend, but that’s already a great start. I am glad you decided to live a greener life and would be happy if my small guide was helpful to you! Good luck with your journey!

Below you can find a free Infographics based on what we just discussed in the article. Share it to spread the word about sustainable lifestyle.

Infographics containing sustainability ideas for beginners

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