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If you have already adopted a more environmentally friendly lifestyle but are still in your early days to do some radical changes like buying an eco home, you can still do some small changes that will impact the environment in a positive way. 
Here are 8 ideas for an eco-friendly home you can implement right away:

Replace your paper towels

This tip actually helps me in two ways. Firstly, I can save money on buying paper towels. Secondly, I now know how to use my T-Shirts that are too “old” to be given to anybody, but are too good to be just thrown away.

Switch to the all-purpose home cleaner

Another greener home solution would be to actually start reading what’s on the product label. It may turn out that some components are toxic and harmful to the planet. A bad choice would be to buy a cleaner for different purposes – one for your bath, one for the kitchen etc. You will find out that a cleaner for the whole apartment can be put in just one bottle and can be made using common ingredients that can be found in every kitchen (lemon juice, baking soda, vinegar). Check out this cool recipe and try it for yourself.

Bring plants

Improve air quality by simply letting more nature into your home. Learn more on purifying indoor plants that will save you fresh air here. Why buy another piece of home decor when you can give your apartment a fresh look by bringing a green plant?

Be mindful about water conservation

First and foremost, fix all leaks in your house. Come on, you know that it will cut your bills and save the environment. Second thing will be to turn off the tap when you brush your teeth or shave. But since you already fixed the leaky taps, this one won’t that huge of endeavour.

Use energy efficient light bulbs 

Two reasons to consider this. First, it will save you money. Second, it will be a helping hand to the environment by reducing power consumption. Does anything stop you from making the switch?

Unplug when you don’t use a device

Leaving your phone plugged after it has been charged is a bad habit. Even though we might not know about it, but plugged devices continue to pull some energy even when not in use. Remind yourself to unplug all the devices when you don’t use them.

Reuse old furniture 

I used to have a habit of buying new things even when they are not completely out of order, but when some parts didn’t work. That’s not the right approach. Right now I am a more conscious buyer. When I buy something, I really love it. When putting so much effort in choosing the right stuff for you, you wouldn’t want to just throw it away when it needs fixing. By getting creative you can transform your old furniture into a vintage masterpiece. Just think about what you already have and what you can reuse before making a decision to buy again.

Want to go even further in your eco-friendly journey? Check out our latest product for your home – reusable silicone bags. They are easy to clean and will keep your food fresh for a long time.

Pay bills online

I know very few people who are still getting their bills by mail. Those who switched to online bill payments can’t be happier. The best time for doing this is actually now.

There are many other ways to be sustainable at home and we’ll be glad to hear about your ways of leaving a greener life. Let us know in the comments below 🙂 

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